The Open Source Innitiative

Recently Robin Miller (Roblimo), of (/.) fame, sat down with President of the Open Source Innitiative to discuss how things are changing and what to expect in the future of OSI, Corporate Adoption, Individual Contributors and other topics.

The subject of Penguin Computer & Telephone Solutions comes up at around the 9 minute 10 second mark (shameless plug).

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Command Line Video Editing

Video editing from with the bash shell can be very useful in a few circumstances.  In any event there are at least two reasons why you may want to augment a great graphical drag-n-drop editor like Kdenlive using some command-line kung-fu.  I’ll introduce you to some reasons why this is helpful.

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HP says Microsoft Less Expensive Than Linux … Really?

HP has been a great friend to the GNU/Linux community over the years.  Thanks to their HP Linux Printing and Imaging (HPLIP) project GNU/Linux users have a much easier time buying, using and selling their Printers, Scanners, Fax and Copier offerings.  I cannot remember the last time I personally have had an issue getting an HP brand printer to work correctly (and easily) with an GNU/Linux distro, and there are a lot of distros!  HP is a good company for us.

This article however, shows how disconnected and mis-aligned a company can get Continue reading

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Shell Script Basics Playlist

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Using Inkscape to convert BMP to SVG

My friend has a service business here in Lee County, Florida. His business is doing well and he gets quite a bit of work using simple word-of-mouth advertising. That’s great, but when I think about the out-of-town folk showing up for a limited time and needing emergency clean-up and the like; I know he’s losing a lot of business to national chains with recognizable names. He needs a web presence and search engine placement to get him on the first page when those potential customers use a search engine. No one uses phone books any more – now it’s all search engine. Search engine, search engine, search engine.

[Image 1]
Bitmaps are great if the image is always going to be the same size, zoom in and there’s a problem.

His is a truly small business. He has business cards, letterhead and the like. He sent me the only artwork he has, which he created himself a while ago. It’s small and it’s bitmap, meaning it’s made up of millions of tiny dots – each with its own value – compressed into a file. As Image 1 shows, when stretched out a bitmap image becomes pixelized and begins to have steps and staircases all over it. Not good enough. Continue reading

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