Old SWFLUG Server

This afternoon I took the old swflug.org server down and left it on the curb. It was out there for 15 minutes when someone snatched it up. I deliberately left all the RAM and HDDs in it – hopefully it will be of use to someone.  Although SWFLUG was it’s original tennant, we moved off this server years ago.  Recently, I was using this hardware as a stand-alone nagios server to keep tabs on my customer’s sites, etc … it was just grinding away in the corner of my workspace for years.


Sitting on the curb < 15 min.



I’m pretty sure this was actually SWFLUG’s second server and I think we built/installed it at CyberStreet, Inc. back in 2005.  I say that because it has some old IP Addresses scribbled on top of it from when we installed it back then.  Walt, the owner of CyberStreet (Fort Myers oldest ISP) is a member of the group and made his power & network bandwidth available gratis – for many years.


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May 15th – OpenStack v. VMware, Et. Al.

Please visit our meetup.com page for details. Chris Williams will be showing off some of the unique capabilities of the fully FLOSS OpenStack Infrastructure As A Service (IaaS) cloud computing platform.


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The LUG Meets!

We’re meeting this month!  Details here.

Hope to see you there!

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Security News


February 25, 2013 05:30 ET

SPYRUS® Announces Secure Pocket Drive™ Build Your Own Linux Program

Create and Manage a Bootable Hardware Encrypting USB With Your Own Linux Operating Environment for Any Purpose

SAN JOSE, CA–(Marketwire – Feb 25, 2013) – SPYRUS announced today the availability of the Secure Pocket Drive (SPD) Build Your Own Linux Program with its award-winning Secure Pocket Drive bootable USB product line. Secure Pocket Drive is a secure trusted endpoint that augments a worker’s desktop and provides a secure computing environment on the Internet or for cloud computing applications. The SPD Build Your Own Linux Program includes a set of unique SPD Linux Builder Utilities, which gives users the ability to create and manage their own personal, portable, and secure Linux operating environment. Continue reading

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Linux Foundation releases Windows Secure Boot fix

By Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols for Linux and Open Source
February 9, 2013 — 22:05 GMT (14:05 PST)

It took longer than anyone expected but the Linux Foundation fix for Windows 8 PC’s UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) Secure Boot lockout of other operating systems has finally arrived.
Linux Foundation LogoThe Linux Foundation has set the foundation for Linux distros to easily boot on Windows 8 PCs. (Credit: The Linux Foundation)

James Bottomley — Parallels’ CTO of server virtualization, well-known Linux kernel maintainer, and the man behind the Linux Foundation’s efforts to create an easy way to install and boot Linux on Windows 8 PCs — announced on February 8 that the Linux Foundation UEFI secure boot system was finally out.

To finish this required security keys from Microsoft so that the Linux Foundation UEFI bootloader would work. These keys have now been included and these universal Linux bootloaders are ready to go. With these files you should be able to boot and install Linux on almost any Windows 8 PC. Continue reading

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