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The Open Source Innitiative

Recently Robin Miller (Roblimo), of (/.) fame, sat down with President of the Open Source Innitiative to discuss how things are changing and what to expect in the future of OSI, Corporate Adoption, Individual Contributors and other topics. The … Continue reading

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Command Line Video Editing

Video editing from with the bash shell can be very useful in a few circumstances.  In any event there are at least two reasons why you may want to augment a great graphical drag-n-drop editor like Kdenlive using some command-line … Continue reading

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Shell Script Basics Playlist

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Introduction to JQuery

“jQuery is a multi-browser JavaScript library designed to simplify the client-side scripting of HTML.” Basically what this means is that it makes it easy and fun to make interactive Websites or, as I like to use it for, making nice looking web apps that can be … Continue reading

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Linux Development

The Linux kernel is a critical component of the GNU/Linux system.  This video explains why the GNU/Linux operating system is out-pacing and out performing all others.

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