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Notebook Review

GotApex has a review of a Asus built notebook. Normally, I would not bother posting such links. However, I consider this somewhat interesting as PowerNotebooks offer thier notebooks default without an OS. For many of us that look to install … Continue reading

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AMD’s new Dual Core Opterons

You have probably heard about the new Dual Core CPUs that are out now. Dual Core Cpu’s are two functional CPUs that fit into a single CPU socket. Swapping single core chips for dual core chips allows you to double … Continue reading

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Linux.Ars covers Subversion

Linux.Ars returns this week with a look at deployment automation tool Subversion. They also examine Synergy and AmaroK.

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Benchmark Memory timings

Confused about whether CAS latency will affect the perfomance of your computer? Lots of sites will talk about memory timings and how lower latency will offer better performance. LH.o has done the legwork and benchmarked several different memory with different … Continue reading

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Tax Time

It is tax preparation season again. The IRS has links to several companies that will do free online Tax preparation and filing. I have used TaxAct for several years now and it works fine in Mozilla.

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