Where and when are the SWFLUG meetings held?

Meetings have been held sporadically throughout 2012.  This will change beginning again this year.  We’ll organize our meetings using our meetup.com account where we find it easier to collaborate and share ideas.  Our active meetup.com location is linux.meetup.com/58 .  If you live in the Southwest Florida area please join us there where you can keep up-to-date with our activities.  🙂

How do you pronounce SW… SFFF…SWFL…SWFLUG?

Honestly, I’m not sure. Personally, I pronounce it with one syllable, SWFLUG. Others pronounce it with two syllables, SWAF – LUG. I really don’t think it matters much. We haven’t offended anyone with it’s pronunciation, yet.

What is SWFLUG’s purpose?

Our goal when we started SWFLUG was to promote GNU/Free Software and to attract others that wish to learn more about it. So far, that is exactly what we are doing. Everyone that has attended any of our meetings has learned something more about Free Software.

Is SWFLUG non-profit?

According to Uncle Sam, no. In real life, yes, we’ve all lost a little money into SWFLUG so far. Fortunately we didn’t start SWFLUG to make money, though we wouldn’t object to making money through SWFLUG.  🙂

Who started SWFLUG?

Frank Sfalanga Jr, Ed Gray, and Bert Rapp.

What does SWFLUG stand for?

SWFLUG stands for Southwest Florida GNU/Linux Users’ Group.