Whoa. Microsoft Is Using Linux to Run Its Cloud

Date of Publication: 09.18.15.
Time of Publication: 4:59 pm.

Microsoft has admitted to something that used to be unthinkable: using Linux to run some of its own operations.

In a blog post on Thursday, Microsoft Azure networking principal architect Kamala Subramaniam explained how the company developed a new software system, dubbed Azure Cloud Switch, for running the networking gear that Microsoft’s cloud service depends on. Continue reading

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“Essentials of Linux Systems Administration” course arrives on EdX

graduation-hats-100589129-primary.idgeLFS201 enrollment is open now on edx.org
By Swapnil Bhartiya
A recent Linux Foundation survey revealed that more than 9 in 10 hiring managers are planning to bring Linux talent on board this year, and 50 percent report they will hire more Linux professionals than in 2014.

All of this means that we need bright, talented developers to meet this demand. We need courses for greenhorn developers. And that’s exactly what the Linux Foundation is offering.

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Road Trip to Southeast Linux Fest 2015!

We’ll be in Charlotte, NC attending June 13th/14th.  Let us know if you want to meet there – or if you’d like to join our caravan!

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Some of us are headed to Orlando tomorrow morning for FOSSETCON. 1   … what is it?

Fossetcon is not a GNU/Linux conference, nor is it a *BSD conference. Fossetcon can be more described as a *nix(Unix like) conference that focuses primarily on Free and Open Source Software and the systems that run it – whether it be hardware or software.

We’re especially excited to be going and supporting our fellow SWFLUGer Kris Occhipinti.kris  See you there!

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Old SWFLUG Server

This afternoon I took the old swflug.org server down and left it on the curb. It was out there for 15 minutes when someone snatched it up. I deliberately left all the RAM and HDDs in it – hopefully it will be of use to someone.  Although SWFLUG was it’s original tennant, we moved off this server years ago.  Recently, I was using this hardware as a stand-alone nagios server to keep tabs on my customer’s sites, etc … it was just grinding away in the corner of my workspace for years.


Sitting on the curb < 15 min.



I’m pretty sure this was actually SWFLUG’s second server and I think we built/installed it at CyberStreet, Inc. back in 2005.  I say that because it has some old IP Addresses scribbled on top of it from when we installed it back then.  Walt, the owner of CyberStreet (Fort Myers oldest ISP) is a member of the group and made his power & network bandwidth available gratis – for many years.


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