Old SWFLUG Server

This afternoon I took the old swflug.org server down and left it on the curb. It was out there for 15 minutes when someone snatched it up. I deliberately left all the RAM and HDDs in it – hopefully it will be of use to someone.  Although SWFLUG was it’s original tennant, we moved off this server years ago.  Recently, I was using this hardware as a stand-alone nagios server to keep tabs on my customer’s sites, etc … it was just grinding away in the corner of my workspace for years.


Sitting on the curb < 15 min.



I’m pretty sure this was actually SWFLUG’s second server and I think we built/installed it at CyberStreet, Inc. back in 2005.  I say that because it has some old IP Addresses scribbled on top of it from when we installed it back then.  Walt, the owner of CyberStreet (Fort Myers oldest ISP) is a member of the group and made his power & network bandwidth available gratis – for many years.


Lately, the group hasn’t been active at all, we’re all too busy raising our kids and doing our

Old IP Addresses scribbled on her.

Old IP Addresses scribbled on top.

jobs but occasionally someone will say, “Hey, we should have a meeting one of these days.  I’ve been working with “X” free software and it’s got all these capabilities – I’d really like to show it off.”  That reminds me of those heady days before GNU software and Linux became “mainstream”.  Now there’s lots of talk about MakerSpace in addition to free software.  Those two go especially well together in a collaborative manner.

So here we are in 2014 and SWFLUG is nearly a footnote.  This server (the one serving you this web page right now) is one of many that are virtualized.  It’s running on newer more efficient server hardware at my home, served via my static Centurylink IP Address.

There’s a FOSS event in the middle of this coming month.  Maybe some of us will meet there and talk about the ol’ days.  Wouldn’t that be nice.

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