Eben Moglen on Intellectual Property

Eben Moglen is the attorney for the Free Software Foundation.  He’s been defending and helping to enforce the General Public License (GPL) for more than ten years.  New threats are arriving which present new challenges to that endeavor.  Patents and Digital “Rights” (Restrictions) Management are changing the landscape of a society previously based on the free exchange of ideas.  Among other things, Eben describes the ways in which the RIAA and the MPAA will have to rethink their distribution methods if they are to survive:

“Movies and music and various other forms of culture are being distributed better by children then by people who are being paid to do the work.  Artists are beginning to discover that if they allow children to distribute art in a free-handed sort of way they will do better than they do in the current slavery in which they are kept by the culture vultures … ”

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