OpenOffice Gains Respect

I recently learned that the extrememly popular FOSS content management
system typo3 is now capable of indexing OpenOffice documents! Could this be the beginning of a new trend?

It would be nice to see a proprietary software manufacturer do the
same. Every piece of off-the-shelf software out there seems to offer
export/import to/from Microsoft Office – let’s see the same for

My experiences with ISVs over the past years hasn’t been very good. If
a piece of software is developed for widespread sale it might have the
ability to work with a wordprocessor or maybe to export to a
spreadsheet. Manufacturers like to use Microsoft Office for this
because it’s popular and fairly easy to do since they’re already using
the Windows API – which makes this trivial to do.

This isn’t necessarly good for the consumer though since OpenOffice is
cost free. I hope in the future the developers will recognize OOo as a
better alternative.

We’ll have to see…

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