Help for Newbies

So you are new to Linux and unsure about where to go for more information or to get questions answered? Well, we have some recommendations below:  For just general documentation, there are a couple of How-to repositories:– Has a repository of How-to docs, and an Application listing and recommendations on books.

The Linux Documentation Project– another site for Linux How-to

You might also try checking your Distro’s web site:


Red Hat





Mandriva (Formerly known as Mandrake)


The above are just some common distros to help get you started. It is in no particular order and is by no means complete.

If you have some question and searching on the web does not get an answer you could try the following sites:

JustLinux has been around for a long time and the people in the forums are friendly. The Newbie Help Files (NHF) are a good place to look as well. JustLinux used to be known as LinuxNewbie.

LinuxQuestions also has friendly forums.

Mandrake/MandrivaUsers offers help to Mandriva users and all Linux users.

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  1. shad says:

    If anyone has other recommendations, feel free to login and post your links.