The Open Source Monopoly

Lajos Moczar has written a thoughful essay on the dangers of allowing commercial Open Source endeavors to dominate the Free Software Movement.

He does an interesting job of classifying “Open Source” into two catagories of models: the Volunteer Model and the Commercial Model. While I don”t agree with everything, I think he makes a good case for Free Software. Oddly he doesn”t mention Free Software by name, which does make the article somewhat confusing to those who know the difference between Free Software and Open Source, as he is speaking of freedom from vendor lock-in not just open source code.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I agree totally with his article expecially with his advice for IT directors. I’ve found lock-in in products like SuSE Email 3.1 (which we’re removing) but worse still is the lack of flexibilty the “boxed” solution allows. By switching to CentOS (RedHat w/community support instead of RedHat support) and using community supported resources like we hope to get a better more flexible solution that’s got a longer shelf life and no $$$ licensing. Bonus: since we install/configure it ourselves we know what will break what and what won’t. SuSE (just an example) is so EASY to install that you don’t get a grasp for the stuff under the hood. Might as well use a Windows solution, right?