Adobe Reader 7.0 Beta for Linux

I recently went to the IRS website and was happy to find all kinds of intelligent PDF forms. I was frustrated by the fact that once filled out however, I couldn’t save them under Linux. The Acrobat Reader version 5 (linux version) wouldn’t let allow me to save forms.

Note: GNU/Linux users who prefer to use free software do not use Adobe PDF documents as they are not free as in liberty

Help is on the way in the form of Adobe Acrobat Reader version 7. Among it’s list of new features:

  • Fill out and submit forms
  • View and organize digital editions (formerly eBooks) and view them in landscape or portrait mode
  • Rapidly select text and images using a unified selection tool
  • Save a wide range of files attached to PDF documents, such as word processing documents, spreadsheets, and multimedia files

A beta version of the software is available…

for download at the Adobe website. A link is provided on their site which will take you to the beta test agreement.

A more complete list of the new features can be found here.


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