cAos – Community Linux (GNU/Linux)

The cAos foundation produces yet another GNU/Linux distro. What’s so special about this one? Their project, CentOS, is a free build from Red Hat Enterprise Linux SRPMS. (So CentOS-3 is basically a free clone of RHEL 3 from the same source code.) They have also released Centos3.1 which is repackaged to include security updates, eliminating the need to apply as many patches to the vanilla distro.The big bonus is that you get a system compatable with RHEL without the costs (unless you choose to pay someone for support) and with the longer enterprise release cycle versus Fedora’s more rapid release cycle.

For more details on the cAos social contract, visit here:

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0 Responses to cAos – Community Linux (GNU/Linux)

  1. Linuxman says:

    The leave out anything that’s not free-as-in-freedom. The proprietary packages have no source RPMs.

  2. concord says:

    Nice, I’ll probably download it and take it for a spin. One question though… aren’t there parts of RHL that aren’t GPLed? Things like druids, wizards, graphics, etc…?

    How do they compile everything from source and yet manage to not pollute?