HP: It's time for Linux to grow up

ZDnet interviewed Martin Fink, the VP in charge of HP’s Linux strategy. He talks about the SCO lawsuit, the future of GNU/Linux and UNIX, and about Sun Microsystems. Says Fink, “I consider myself part of the open-source community. The (Linux) community has to recognize that it can’t have it both ways. Linux cannot be a hobbyist’s toy and be the leading operating platform in the industry at the same time. Those two things are incongruent. For Linux to become a credible part of the enterprise, it has to go through the standard evolution and maturing process.”Fink summarized HP’s platform strategy as “Our strategy is a multi-operating system strategy. IBM is pushing Linux at the expense of other things. We’re pushing Linux as part of a complete enterprise solution. Does Microsoft want HP to be selling Linux stuff? No. But at the same time, they understand that Linux is in the market, and we have to compete. It’s not about competing with Microsoft. HP is not poking a finger in their eye. It’s about competing with Dell and IBM.”

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