GROKLAW: SCO and MS Have a Mutual Friend

According to GROKLAW, the largest institutional owner of SCO stock, Integral Capital Partners V, L.P., has business ties to Microsoft and the Gates family. (Integral Capital Partners recently invested in, where Melinda French Gates was recently elected director.) A link has also been reported between Roger McNamee, formerly on Gartner Group’s board of directors, and Integral Capital Partners V, L.P. Kind of fishy that Gartner’s advice on Linux has taken a negative note of late. McNamee and Bill Gates were also key players in the investment fund Silver Lake Parteners. Also of note, GROKLAW is compiling a list of SCO Group insider trades.GROWLAW also quotes an interesting article about McNamee “‘People’s time is limited,’ said McNamee. Quoting a favorite saying in the VC biz, he added: ‘When you have a choice, always do business with your friends. When you don’t have a choice, your friends are the only ones who will do business with you.'”

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  1. Linuxman says:

    This is true, it’s the intentions that are the question: is this really some sinister plot, or is this just a case of buds helping buds… the old SCO and Microsoft were buddies in the past (anybody recall Xenix) that’s why my Openserver boxen states the following message at login:

    SCO OpenServer(TM) Release 5

    (C) 1976-1998 The Santa Cruz Operation, Inc.

    (C) 1980-1994 Microsoft Corporation

    All rights reserved.

    For complete copyright credits,

    enter “copyrights” at the command prompt.

    Perhaps SCO’s recent web services aquisition and SCOX efforts prompted the investments, or perhaps the shared ideals of a future in strong IP protections lead the investors behind Integral Capital to invest in SCO. Sun also bought an “IP” license from SCO this year. I think it’s much broader than a SCO vs Linux or Microsoft VS Linux issue, or Company A vs Company B, or even about business conspiracies. I think the lines are being drawn for an ideological war between those who favor the proprietary software business and those who prefer a Free/Open Source Software. Like-minded CEOs, investors, etc are going to work together and strike up deals, because of shared long term goals. I don’t think this is a big plot hatched by Microsoft, but I do think this was a battle in the making by those who favor strong IP protections for a strong proprietary software industry. Their whole business model is threatened, and they want to see it survive.

  2. concord says:

    If this is true (sounds pretty far-fetched) it’s good to know that it’s not working, huh? Any other theories?

    Personally, I think Bill Gates will use a time-machine in the year 2007 to travel back to the sixties and assassinate then President Kenedy. My proof will be irrefutable once I find the website(s) supporting my suspicion!

    I’m pretty confident because I know you can find *anything* if you use Google….